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  1. K. Vasiliu says:

    By far one of the best DJ’s ever!!! DJDetect is smooth, vibrant and full of amazing mixes…his love for musiq and his passion for turntables pump through his veins….He has been mixing and doing his thing for years now and I am so blessed to have watched him grow into the aspiring DJ he is today! His gigs will keep you dancing all night from old school to any genre of musiq!!!! His setup is presentable and his hosting benevolent! So if you want entertainment with a high class of simplicity and vivaciousness….Mister DJDetect is your man!!!!


  2. Jeff DJ and MC at our wedding reception and everything went perfectly. Other than the songs for entrance and the first dance, he took care of the rest of the selection and it was a great mix as usual! I highly recommend him, very professional, easy to work with and really knows how to keep the night popping! Check him out at his events if yo don’t believe me! Thanks Jeff!

  3. Leanne Jo says:

    I remember Detect when I used to dance for a couple dance crews (Kandee Girlz & M.O.M.) He used to do the mixes for another dance crew called Chain Reaction, one of best crews out there & they were well known over the Bay Area, mostly because of this guy and his dope mixes. They would not have won a few dance crew challenges & would not have gotten their name out if it weren’t for this guy. A crew ain’t good without its music ;)

  4. dennis says:

    Detect is the man! One of the main guys that got me into DJing. I watched this guy rock clubs, house parties, weddings, festivals, everything. He knows how to read the crowd and can play across all genres. Super professional, and as an MC, he is also great at keeping the party hype and the crowd involved at all times.

  5. Jamie Hiraga says:

    Best DJ around by far!!! Always plays the best music and makes sure he plays what you request. He has a good time while he spins and makes sure everyone else is too. His prices are fair and you will definitely get more than you pay for. I would recommend him for weddings, clubs, parties or anything you need a DJ for. He is AWESOME!!!

  6. ML says:

    DJ Detect is an extremely talented and professional DJ and emcee. He’s very thorough in his planning, he listens to his clients requests, and he creates a really fun atmosphere, whether he’s on the mic or the turntables. As far as pricing, he’s very reasonable.

    I’ve attended some weddings and other events where the host has bragged that they only paid the DJ a fraction of what most DJs charge because the DJ is a friend, family member, or they somehow got the hookup, but remember you get what you pay for… The mixing and music selection was ok, the emcees were cheesy, and unfortunately sometimes it’s these little things that guests will remember.

    If you’re planning a wedding or other huge event, the music and program create the experience for you and your guests. DJ Detect will make it an event for all to remember and will not stop talking about!

  7. B. McGuigan says:

    The life of the party is what is used to describe DJ Detect for our wedding reception. My husband and I never thought it would be so hard to find a good DJ that actually knew how too, we even used Yelp. We received so many demos and none of them were what we wanted, so we began to worry that we would just have to settle with someone. The transitions were choppy, songs were repeated and the music selection was very poor. I happen to find a random wedding mix off of and it had me dancing from the point of play. I quickly did some research and lucky for me DJ Detect was located in San Francisco where I was having my out of state wedding! My husband and I quickly contacted him to book our date.

    Just by listening to just one mix, we knew this guy would deliver just what we wanted and he did, no doubt. To our surprise he provided up lights and also MC’d at an affordable price. When it came close to our big day, I sent a list of our favorite songs so DJ Detect could get a good sense of what we liked. Then a week before the wedding, my husband and I had a phone conversation to run through logistics. I asked a few questions and DJ Detect answered them like a pro. After we hung up, I knew I had no worries for our big day.

    On the day of our wedding, DJ Detect showed up on time with his assistant to set up and was ready to go when we were. To our surprise when my husband and I met DJ Detect for the first time, we were pleased that he accessorized his tie and shirt to match the colors of our reception! What a guy! Before we made our grand entrance with our wedding party, DJ Detect met us in our holding area to make sure he pronounced everyone’s name correctly. Within seconds our party was on a roll to a great start. During the reception, my husband and I had two spontaneous requests and DJ Detect accommodated seamlessly. He MC’d amazingly and kept on schedule, which is vital at a reception. Once the dancing started he had every one of all ages on the dance floor. It was the very first time that my husband saw his dad dance before! DJ Detect played an amazing array of music from the 80′s, 90′s and today’s favorites. Everyone kept complementing on the music selection and the fantastic DJ that we had hired. Our guests had so much fun that many of them would say their goodbyes and then 5 minutes later I would find them back on the dance floor, lol. When the guest left and DJ Detect started to pack up, to our surprise again, he was wearing a Hawaii shirt. My husband is originally from Hawaii as well as his groomsman and we just thought it was the coolest thing. Can I say photo opp.

    DJ Detect is all around an amazing DJ and if you don’t hire him you don’t know what fantastic DJing is. If you love to dance and party, look no further and hope that he is available!

    DJ Detect thank you again for an amazing reception, it’s definitely one that our guest as well as my husband and I will never forget. You have an amazing talent and I hope the best for you. Mahalo

  8. Ryan C says:

    What can I say, Jeff is AMAZING. Recently had our wedding and Jeff was our MC and DJ. The #1 comment we got from our guests was, “your wedding was so much fun, your MC really killed it and made the night.” Not an exaggeration at all, that was the most common comment – the our MC/DJ made the party what it was.

    Jeff is not like any other DJ or MC. He can read the crowd and control the flow. He gets totally into the party and spreads positive energy. Really knows how to hype the party up and engage the crowd.

    Everyone will love him, and your guests will thank you for him.

  9. Looking back at my wedding, everything was perfect and that included the DJ. I was impressed with how Jeff aka DJ Detect took the time out of his schedule to really learn what my husband and I wanted for the day. He catered to our diverse crowd. He delivered the night of the wedding with his energy. Everything went smoothly thanks to the pre-planning and his genuine care to make it the best wedding for us, our family and friends. We can’t thank Jeff enough and highly recommend him for weddings/parties. Thank you Jeff! ❤️

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